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Blingon - Digital learning for life
Blingon office

Digital learning for life

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Works seamlessly across your iOS or Android devices.

Digital learning for life

We create educational software
for the next generation

In Scandinavia, we have many great authors of books for teaching. Our mission is to customize and develop traditional teaching books into digital versions for tablets. Our goal is to translate the titles and distribute them around the world.

The problem

Printed books from the 1450s

Traditional teaching books increase costs every year. Students work hard and books are consumable. It costs a lot of money and demands a great amount of energy to print and distribute them. That´s not good for our environment.

Our solution

Time for a change, it's 2014

Our digital teaching books are interactive and fun to use. All text can be spoken. Exercises can be done over and over again. Digital books are environmental friendly and cheap to distribute. That's good for our planet.

Our ideas

We call it a Blingon idea. A hybrid and the best of both worlds. Our experienced educators and scriptwriters carefully screen the textbooks and write the script for the digital version of the book. Interactive exercises are worked out and the digital book takes form.

Our implementation

Technology and development is the best there is. We code with love and quality. We have done so since 1996. In this way, our best ideas become a reality. The ones and zeros in a beautiful symbiosis.

The result

The end result is a visually attractive, digitized book, filled with interactive and educational exercises. A table of contents with a page overview, making it easy to navigate.

App Store

Here you will find all our books for Apple iOS.

Google Play

Here you will find all our books for Andriod.

Our environment

Our children and future generations will have incredible opportunities for education and learning. We want to do good and digitize the world! A Blingon teaching book is fun to use and environmental friendly.